EVERYTHING IS HEALING NICELY: Bullshit, Das Ist Nicht Echt — "Bullshit, This Is Not Real"Bullshit, Das Ist Nicht Echt*  •  Original mashup¹ for Zappadan by Terry Kruger
(If you want to read his robe you must click it.)

For many of the Zappanese intelligentsia, 200 Motels was a prototype of a dimension of Frank Zappa that was relatively unknown.  But there were inklings of the future there for the listening, Would You Like A Snack?,  Half A Dozen Provocative Squats,  The Girl Wants To Fix Him Some Broth. . .  If all you listen to is Joe’s Garage and Burnt Weenie Sandwich, it’s time to push the envelope.

Roland’s Big Event/Strat Vindaloo

By Frank Zappa

From the posthumously released album “Everything Is Healing Nicely” (1999).

EVERYTHING IS HEALING NICELY Oil painting of Frank Zappa’s mouth by C. Breman, used as a portion of the cover art for the 1999 album


Christ Consolator by Carl Bloch, 1886

¹Original oil painting by Carl Bloch, exhibited at Charlottenborg, Sweden, in 1886

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 * Bullshit, das ist nicht echt. . . ” Bullshit, this is not real. . .


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