797211157_39ebf2e39f_oThat’s right, I’m ready to kill!
… My Internet tubes thing.

Can you feel the frustration in my… kitty?  My kitty doesn’t always do what I tell him but when he does, he’s totally dependable.  Unlike some of the technicians out their who tell me they know what they’re doing when it comes to my virtual server, and WordPress.  And then a few days or weeks later when things blow up again, they’re no where to be found, and they stop answering email.  That’s when I go out behind the palms that shade the railing, and tell the Kitty: “Whitey— it’s time to kick some ass.”  So if you know of a really good, really smart, Word Press geek, point his servers in my direction.  I’d be grateful;  and Whitey will rub some of his hair onto your trousers.


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