Why I Am No Longer Atheist.

My days as an atheist started in Đà Nẵng Harbor on my 21st birthday.  I was in what the Navy considered a war zone, and was clearly feeling reckless. It was as good a time as any to stop believing in a benevolent infinite being watching my every move from outer space.


Trump’s Trump Forecast?? It now appears the president is forecasting his own volatile and out-of-control rage on the entire nation.

You Poor Bastard.

I first read The Catcher in the Rye in 1961.  It was nothing I had to do, I think some girl I wanted to go out with told me to read a goddam book once in awhile if I didn’t want to turn into a poor dumb bastard.  So I read one. 
It made me want to write.

Riding Easy, Riding Forever.

“You know I smoked a lotta grass. Oh Lord!  I popped a lot of pills. But I never touched nothin’ that my spirit could kill.”  — Easy Rider

You Will Forgive Me If I Speak Bluntly.

Forgive Me If I Speak Bluntly.  Life has a way of wearing down our sharp edges, has a way of making life-changing decisions manifest out of the most unlikely circumstances. Maybe just such a circumstance is at hand. What you make of it is entirely up to you.

National INQUISITOR: 500 CRIMES & 5,000 LIES

Nature abhors a vacuum, so there’s a new shit rag in town, the National INQUISITOR©.


In a rare moment of demonic candor, characteristically angry and frustrated Christian icon, Satan, lashed out at a Fox news crew on Capital Hill today…