Make Donald Drumpf Again

Hey, if Making America Great Again means destroying the most obstructionist political party in modern history, then Drumpf Is The Man.

The Trump Phenomenon: Thank Fox News

From the film Ghostbusters: Fig Newton Gingrich in the role of Gozer The Traveler * Here we go again. Back in August, we posted Trumpenstein, in which we laid the creation of the Trump Phenomenon squarely at the feet of Fux News: His political persona is as much a creation of the political arm of the GOP, Fux News, as it is …

Broker This

However, thanks to the Great White Leviathan with the orange fringe on top, currently poised to win the GOP nomination, not only would they lose an opportunity to take over the White House, but might result in their loss of the Senate, and the Supreme Court for a generation. Their only hope is a brokered convention. And that would likely result in destruction of the party if they try to screw the Tea Party and nominate another establishment Republican.

Ben Carson Joins Dopes 4 Snopes Club

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

Super Bowl 50 Not So Super for Jeb!

During Super Bowl 50, when Bernie Sanders was the Denver Bronco defense and Jeb! Bush was the Carolina Panthers offense, somebody thought it was a good idea to spend $5 million to run a commercial for Jeb!, featuring his village idiot brother.

Behavioral Economics: The Big Short Part III, The DK Effect Part VI

Tune into any of the three major business news channels and you’ll be treated to an endless parade of “experts” framing that day or week’s trading activities with narratives that, on the surface, seem to explain what’s driving the market at any given time. But after a couple of decades of watching these people, I’ve concluded that a great deal of their “analysis” is simply designed to keep the rubes in the game by providing seemingly “rational” explanations for what are largely high frequency, computer driven trading schemes that use “dark pools” of money and others forms of subterfuge to separate investors from their money.

The Big Short Part II: The DK Effect Part V

In a series of visual puns, Margot Robbie describes the collapse of the real estate bubble while sipping bubbly in a bubble bath, in this synopsis of The Big Short, nominated by Oscar for best film